Senior Care Planning Benefits Packages

Elderly lifestyle management solutions delivered with compassion, integrity, and respect.

With our aging population, senior care planning has become more important than ever. That’s why we’ve built a network of trusted elderly lifestyle professionals, and developed senior care planning packages to help your loved ones live their vintage years with happiness and fulfillment.


Just one call to The Elder’s Advocate will eliminate the need to research, explore, and develop elderly lifestyle management plans on your own. We have everything you need, bundled into three senior care planning packages customized for your loved ones, based on our
6 Pillars of Healthy Aging.

6 Pillars of Healthy Aging

Health & 


Recommendations for a healthy, active retirement that balances physical health with emotional well-being.

Home & Lifestyle Transitions

Support with continued or transitioning independent or assisted living, or
long-term care.

Legal Issues

Ensuring that wills, powers of attorney, care guides, and more are all in place.

In-Home Aging

Ensuring at-home comfort with personal care, as well as elderly lifestyle household modifications and equipment.

Financial Issues

Assistance with estate planning, investment and tax planning, retirement income, and more.

Managing Family Dynamics

Assistance with facilitating open, productive family conversations that encourage unity surrounding elder care issues with compassion and transparency.

Package 1

Personal Needs Consultation

 This comprehensive needs consultation will identity your elderly loved one’s needs and goals, and determine how your family can help fulfill them. These valuable sessions last up to 3 hours, and can be held in-person, through video conferencing, or over the phone.

Be ready to take lots of notes, as we’ll have many detailed recommendations that will help your family support the needs of your loved ones.

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With a Personal Health Snapshot, you can gather and manage critical health information in one easily accessible location 24/7. It helps healthcare providers treat your elder family member in an emergency by providing the information they need to know instantly.

Your Personal Health Snapshot is completely customized, and can include:

  • An address book containing contact information for all of their past and present healthcare providers

  • Complete medical history including diagnosis, procedures, and hospital visits within a specified time frame

  • All past and current diagnostic test results within the last year

  • A list of all medications currently in use

  • Current health status

  • In case of emergency (ICE) information and instructions

  • Your health goals and objectives

  • And much more

Package 2

Personal Health Snapshot

Package 3

Personal Health Snapshot, Assessment, & Development Plan

Enjoy a more comprehensive solution with enhanced services that take your Personal Health Snapshot to the next level with a detailed Plan of Action:

  • Assign a dedicated client advocate to work one-on-one with your elderly loved one

  • Personal Health Snapshot consolidation

  • Assessment utilizing the 6 Pillars of Healthy Aging

  • Analysis of present challenges and future goals

  • Collaborative Plan of Action review, prioritizing next steps to attain goals

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Participants in Package 2 also have access to our self-funded Activate Plan of Action service. This service includes implementing the Plan of Action, keeping you and your loved ones in the loop every step of the way.


The actionable items in this program includes:

  • Determining which resources, tasks, and documents are needed to activate the plan

  • Discussing costs that correlated with needed products, services, and experiences

  • Coordinating care and service delivery of initial visits with required medical professionals and other ancillary non-medical service providers

  • Final meeting between you and your elderly loved ones with the dedicated client advocate and any additional support team members

Add-On Service

Activate Plan of Action


Your elderly loved ones deserve the best experiences during their vintage years.
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