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We’ve compiled interesting, useful resources to answer your questions and
concerns about elder care. If you have a question about caring for your aging
parents, get in touch with us today!

Articles on helping aging parents live a productive, fulfilling, and joyful retirement, covering critical issues for the elderly and advice for their caregivers.

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Tips & Tools

From home safety and healthy living to avoiding elder fraud scams, these tips will help aging parents live their vintage years to their fullest.

Is Your Bed Too High?

It's a known fact as we age we lose an inch or two from our height. Without even realizing it, suddenly our bed seems higher than it once was. If your feet can’t touch the floor while sitting on the bed, it means your bed is too high. Try lowering it by removing your box spring. Similarly, if your knees are higher than your hips while sitting, it means your bed is probably too low. In this case, try adding a box spring.

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