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Aging Parents...Start Here! How to successfully make your house their house.

Multi-generational households are not unusual in North America. According to the US Census Bureau and Stats Canada, the number of children living with their grandparents has increased substantially in the past decade. In the USA, 20% of these households have no parent present, and in Canada, where a single parent is living in the home with the grandparent, 65% of these grandparents are financially responsible for the household.

Tips for Successful Integration

· Multi-generational families present a significant opportunity for enriched family relationships and financial efficiencies; while at the same time, can also fan the flames of conflict and exploitation. Preparation and good communication can keep the environment safe and supportive – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

· It is important to first identify and clarify expectations! By scheduling regular family conferences, everyone knows that there is an opportunity to raise concerns, express needs, and seek solutions. It is especially important to encourage the children to attend, to talk about how they expect their life to change, what they want, are most excited about, and what they fear about the move.

· Expectations regarding roles related to child discipline, the amount of babysitting, meal planning and preparation and the division of household chores need to be explored and confirmed. Parameters regarding privacy and space are important topics that also need to be addressed.

· Social activities are essential to our quality of life. The expectations about inviting friends into the home, entertaining, and entertainment must also be clarified. Fun time together is important, as well as the need for children to have time on their own, time alone with their parent(s), and exclusive time with the grandparents.

· Most of all, it is important for everyone to be realistic and prepared to compromise and adjust to the new family living arrangements. With a willingness to listen and hear others needs and perspectives, coupled with open dialogue and genuine respect, multiple generations living under one roof can be a transformative experience for all.

Parts of this post are a reprint from Age Friendly Business blog

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